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20 April 2014


High Performance Pistons

Many years of experience in research and design of racing pistons have lead us in the development and manufacturing of a highest quality range of high performance forged pistons. The combination of:

  1.     Accurate steps of designing and manufacturing process
  2.     The utilization of the latest CAD and FEA analysis software
  3.     The machining on exact tolerances on our state of the art machining centres
  4.     The internal extra machining for maximum weight reduction

    and balancing of less than 0.5grams (in some cases even less than 0.3grams) ensure maximum reliability and performance. Pistons are tested on high boost conditions and horsepower levels.

All of our pistons are manufactured using state of the art facilities.

All of our pistons are inspected to highest Standards and Non-destructive Testing Standards that check for imperfections, and are vapour blasted and shot peened internally not only to relieve stress but also to show any imperfections that could lead to the forging being rejected as not being suitable to our exacting standards.

Pistons heat-treated and artificially aged to allow piston to meet the highest T6 specification.

Finally are hand finished and individually weighed giving it that extra personal touch and grouped into balanced engine sets, with tolerances held so tight it is not unusual to have less than 0.3 grams between a set of pistons.

Additionally our pistons series come with the highest specification rings that are made to the world’s highest standards from the highest-grade materials, chosen for the application and manufactured by, what we feel, the world’s leading ring manufacturer who happens to supply all of the F1 racing teams.

Billet Pistons

This special pistons are specifically100% CNC machined from high quality forged aluminium bar or from special forged blank and are specifically designed for high horsepower road and drag race engines. This pistons feature internal and external machining to unique shapes dedicated to its special application so that rigidity of the final piece will be increased and heat dissipation will be such that stress concentrations experienced in high boost / high revving engines will be reduced.

Unlike high production forged pistons, the billet pistons are machined on every surface allowing for all unnecessary weight to be removed during manufacturing. The result of this process is a weight reduction designed for high horsepower road and drag race engines.